12 Week Plan

This is part of my continuing series on following Amy Hoy’s Year of Hustle methodology for creating your first product. You can follow along by email or see all my posts on the subject.

Last time I talked about overall goals. This time I’d like to put down a more extensive plan. More detailed for the next few weeks For anyone familiar with Amy's methodology I've cheated and added week 0, and the remaining weeks plans are straight out of Year of Hustle. If you're looking to get a project started I highly recommnend taking a look. , with less detail as the cone of uncertainty widens.

Week 0

Use this week to get plans together and begin the process of writing about the journey. Primarily to keep notes along the way, and secondarily because it may be interesting to others following a similar path. Also get into the habit of creating and publishing as often as possible. This is harder than it seems!

Week 1

Begin working on product. Create promotional page and break ground on actual work.

Week 2

Start promotional work related to product.

Week 3

Focus on product, using pre-created promotional material from last week.

Week 4

Pre-create content marketing…

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

Once done that launch sequence should be automatic and guide all future signups to a (possible) product sale. This is something Amy emphasises, along with building up a marketing funnel along with the product. From professional experience I can assure you that many, many people neglect that side of things. Laid out like this it doesn’t look like too much work. But taking a step back it’s easy to question how I’ll get it all done. I think the key is to make a plan but then focus on getting the work done piece by piece.

Along the way I’ll be updating this plan (maybe here, haven’t decided yet) and also posting status updates. If you’d like to follow along sign up here to be notified when I post.

Jamie Collinson lives and works in Cambridge, (sometimes) building useful things.