My year of hustle

A year ago I started receiving Amy Hoy’s Year of Hustle emails. She gives an actionable plan for starting your side business over 12 weeks. Breaking down the steps, roadblocks and mindset changes needed to get it done. I’m a big admirer of her work, I’m sure it helped many people, but I didn’t follow her advice. I guess I hadn’t hit my fuck this moment. A lot of her work focuses on mindset, and I wasn’t ready.

This year I’ve decided things will be different. Since new year I’ve been re-reading Year of Hustle, making plans and working on the research she suggests. This post is my first status update, which I’ll aim to be making weekly. If you want to follow my progress sign up here. These posts will be as transparent as possible. There’ll be a separate list for those interested in my products.

The plan

My plan is textbook Amy. I’d like to transition into products. I currently have a full time job. While I’ve done consulting / freelance I want to escape the time for money thing. I’d like to jump straight into products, though may reconsider as I progress.

I’m fortunate and could afford a runway of time off. This is attractive, but psychologically I’d find it easier to build up some level of success with product sales before going all in. Amy suggests a target of $10k for her year of hustle, so I’ve arbitrarily adopted the same target. I’ve been thinking of this as my escape velocity. If I know I can hit this for a given amount of effort I’ll buy back time from regular work to reinvest in the product side.

Near term targets

Amy’s plan suggests a total of 96 hours in total. 35 for building the product and the rest for marketing. Sounds about right from my experience.

She doesn’t break the 12 weeks down in hours, but that basically means 8 hours per week. Not a lot but daunting when you have a full time job. I don’t know how her students with kids have managed! My first goal is to get the basics in place. I’m treating this as a kind of week 0. Next I’ll be publishing my 12 week plan, with a detailed description of the tasks for the current week.

So there it is. I know the studies which suggest not sharing public goals, but this felt the most natural way to do things so here we go. I’d love to hear any thoughts / suggestions. Email me or comment below.

I’ll shortly be adding an email signup link to the bottom of all my posts, but for now here’s that signup link again.

Jamie Collinson lives and works in Cambridge, (sometimes) building useful things.